It was as lame as most weeks. After the first round, both guys sucked badly. David Cook blew out his voice on his second song (Which I thought was horrible) and by the third had little left to go on. I was hoping he'd be doing American Woman as was suggested earlier today (in fact, it seems most of those songs listed were correct.. except that one). The Diane Warren thing was really weak. He's no Steven Tyler by a million miles.. (or LeAnn Rhimes for that matter). Archuletta is so boring I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy or listen to his music no matter what he does. He may be the most boring finalist ever.

Syesha was the best overall of the night because she was best in Round 2 and 3 both and second best in round 1. And yes, I caught Randy's statement that she was 3rd. Rigged? I don't know. But if David A. wins it has to be... there can't be that many little girls out there voting who like boring music.


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