Feb 27th - The Gals

First of all, I think it's tremendously hard to be given 1:30 minutes or whatever it is to make a song work. I think it makes it very difficult to get the song to be what it should be when it is all cut to ribbons. There is a reason for song form, and for build through a song.

Secondly, I really dislike the modern contemporary version of singing, which goes something like... since I don't have much of a range, or my top notes are weak, or since I am scared to go there.... I will take the verse so low that no one can hear me and even if they can they will hear the lack of tone & the pitchy-ness.... and then I will jump up and scream out the chorus with huge wide vowels. It's tremendously hard on the voice to sing down so low you have no support and then suddenly switch to "making the big voice". Everything is off balance.

It would far, far, far better to choose a song that sits well within your middle range and soar up to a few well-chosen high notes. Your support system works better because you never take the energy away from the voice. This is called singing in your tessatura and choosing songs that have a tessatura that suits you.

Thirdly, songs have to chosen because they fit your voice. Not because you love them, and not because your favourite artist sings them. I'm not saying you should choose songs you hate, but you have to pick things that sit correctly in your voice and show it off. Otherwise it's like wearing a dress that's too big or too small. It just doesn't work.

This week my choice for top female performances are Carly Smithson, Syesha Mercado, Christy Lee Cook, and Asiah Epperson. However, I did feel that Carly & Syesha were pitchy on the low notes. The bottom two were Alaina Whitaker (10) & Amanda Overmeyer (9). I think one of those two will go.

I think the judges must have heard a different performance for Brook White, they said it was the perfect song choice for her, etc etc. For me it was way too low and the chorus took her down even lower. Even Simon said it was great, I didn't think so.

However, it's up to the public. We will see what happens.

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