I think Syesha and David Cook should be in the finals but I have a feeling that they want it to come down to both Davids in the finals. It too bad. Because is clear that vocally Syesha and David Cook are the top 2. But that is not how this show is run. In my opinion Syesha can sing circles around David A. and I can't believe how she was practically crucified on the show last night. It was ridiculous! They continually praise David A. like he can do no wrong. It is unbelievable. I sit here with my mouth open. I have grown so tired of David A. He has just an average voice. Honestly. Syesha is a star! I think she deserves to win it. She is the whole package and I think its fantastic that she chose a broadway song in the midst of her other songs. So what! It just shows her versitality. You need to be able to be more than just vanilla when you get a place at the top. That is what you would get with David A. And as far as David Cook. He could easily win it too. I think he is a great rocker and it has been amazing to see him keep it all together while his brother is so very ill. That has to effect everything about you. He is to be commended. Now we just have to see what happens.