Hey everyone,

I know rumors are abounding about "The Call" coming in for Top 20 status, but I sort of remembered last year hearing about someone who had to pull over on the side of the rode on the Friday before? Wasn't that someone from here?

Anyhoo, in lurking around today, stumbled upon this post over on Spinme.com:

BTW - I received an email earlier in the week from one of the Top 20 from last year who basically confirmed that the "calls" went out about 5 days before the songs were posted on Idol's website last year. They had to sign an additional royalty and usage agreement (which 19Entertainment eventually released 19 of them from once the contest was over).

Again, this could just be adding fuel to the fire, but thought I'd pass it along, for those keeping tabs....

Should be interesting!!

Ciao for now,



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