I felt rather uninspired by the show & was left with more questions than answers. What are the judges judging, and are they judging with integrity? Are they trying to influence the results? I ask this, because Syesha is clearly - CLEARLY - an extremely talented singer and also a very beautiful woman but the judges don't seem to support her at all. Whereas David A gets all the praise for playing it safe and singing hokey old songs -- where was the comment that he didn't change them up to be 'today' and that they made him look 'mature'. Makes you wonder, makes you wonder. David C is very talented & rocks it up well. Jason should never have made it to the top 10, but he did, and we may have to deal with the fact that he makes it to the finals.

Hungry Like a Wolf - he was in his element, rocked it out, but I wondered if he should have showed more range.

Teenage Wasteland - here David showed vocal quality and strength and musicality.

Proud Mary - I thought she came across as sexy, versatile, and powerful. Excellent musicality.

A Change is Gonna Come - this song does not have a lot of range, and sits pretty low in tessatura, but even though it was rather low, she never once went off pitch which shows great vocal ability. She sang something that really mattered to her. I thought she handled it well and I disagreed with the judging.

Stand by Me - I felt it was a predictable, karoke style performance of a boring song.

Love Me Tender - another boring song, but sung with better tone & some interesting changes in the melody line. Still, with the hundreds of great songs in the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame, it's odd to pick this one. I disagreed that his performance of both songs were the best of the night. No they weren't. Syesha could outsing this boy with both hands tied behind her back.

I Shot the Sheriff - jazzy sort of folk version, showed some vocal tone, sang it okay.

Mr Tamborine Man - another strange song choice, for me. He forgot the words. But you know, the fact of the matter is that Jason is a folk singer, and he just doesn't have the ability or range to sing anything like David C or Syesha.

Personally, I think Jason should go home (as I've been saying for weeks), but I wouldn't be surprised if it was Syesha, clearly the judges are not supporting her.

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