Hey Mike

I'll be the first to say if the Beatles were getting back together(kinda impossible now) I'd quite my job and wait in line for 250 days never caring to shower just to have the opportunity to get a ticket. Might even sell my own mother! lol. That said I think sometimes we all get a little big about ourselves or others. My point is this the Beatles were great and probably will never be surpassed as far as a musical group goes. Does that mean we shouldn't try? Hardly for every Beatle fan out there, there is a stones fan or a jefferson airplane fan. Now as much as I love the beatles and as sick as I am about the stones getting back together every few years. I gotta admit the stones were a lot more edgy than the beatles could ever have hoped to be. Not to say the Beatles didn't have their own edginess as well.

At any rate I agree I think the Beatles were awesome. However agreeing to disagree I still think some of what they did was subpar and I still think if you or I were to write it, it wouldn't have the same effect or have gained the same noteriety. This again is only my opinion but I still feel some bands transcend good or bad just by who they are. I want you to know I am be no means comparing the Beatles to Brad Paisley. He is not worthy to lick the bottom of their feet let alone be mentioned in the same conversation oops :O . Well at any rate I think we agree on most of this so I'll leave it at that. Hope thinga are going well for you brother and your in my prayers daily! I really dig hanging out and chatting with you.(even if it is just online lol)

All the worlds a song and all the people Singers