Hey, good timing for this article about paisley and other writers for the tick song


In other words, Paisley still worries how his material will be received by fans and at radio. And he and fellow songwriter Tim Owens admit neither was sure how well "Ticks" would be received.

Owens said the writers were particularly worried about the lines "The only thing allowed to crawl all over you when we get there is me," and "Don't worry, babe, I've got your back, and I've also got your front."

"We were like, 'Brad there's no way,' " Owens said. "We were convinced it wouldn't work at the time. (Paisley) said, 'Oh, it will.'

"It's so fun to write with him because you think he won't go there, but he does. Writing with Brad, you have an opportunity. Some artists you write with have a certain thing they do and they don't go outside of that box, but Brad reinvents himself all the time."

"I'm still nervous about it," Paisley said of "Ticks." "I still wonder how it's going to go over, but I look forward to it every night in concert now. It's one of those songs that's very reactive. I've had more people than I've ever had willing to tell me they hated it. I guess, after eight years of recording, they felt like they could say they didn't like something if they didn't. But when something is that polarizing, people love it just as much as they hate it. I'm glad that we weren't completely insane."

Owens said that although "Ticks" did get tweaked several times, the initial song was written in about a day. That's in stark contrast to "Online," which Lovelace, Paisley and DuBois said took weeks to complete.

Moral is we shouldn't be afraid of going outside the lines,

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