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I know some people like the whole package but a weak lyric to me (And yes I do hear words not just music) Isn't a full package
Seems to be me but I can't back a lyric that says:

I'm waiting for your memory to fade
I'm still holding onto the promises you made
You said you felt for me
A love that would always be

All he forgot to leave out was "I'd die for you"

Substudio there is a difference between a clever song you hear on the radio and a song with recycled lines and words, that both say the same thing, I wonder what this falls under

I've wasted enough time on this which I can't believe I have


Believe me I understand exactly what your saying and what you mean. smile
And you are not wrong by any means.

This subject a great one by the way has been gone over over so many times here and by every one who has written a song, submitted a song, been rejected, etc..etc..

There is difference between a clever song you here on the radio Not really?
In some cases yes but in many no.

Oh like "Always and Forever" by Shania Twain Or "Rock Your Body" by Justin Timberlake smile Older songs but those just flew into my head as really bad lyrically and creatively. Or anything by Fergi or the countless girly girl pop songs I see on TV and hear everyday. There are boat loads of weak songs on the radio.
I hear so many uninspired and unispiring songs it's incredible. You know how many hack lyrical lines Keith Urban writes?

And yes there are so very well crafted, creative and great songs out there lyrically and musically as well that are comercially successful and good.
"Unwritten" by Natashia Bedingfield is one such song

But here is the thing You have to know the game

The game they play is - Melody, Beat, Sound, Style, Voice, Look
All have more important role in a contemporary song today then do lyrics.

Trust me and i have many clever lines and lyrics mixed into my pop/pop rock songs.
I don't like what i'm saying but I'm telling it like it is, and i still won't let hack lines into my songs at all.. maybe just a tiny bit smile

The lyrics to "Since You been Gone" from Kelly Clarkson are so bad it's not even funny. I submiited a catchy song with lyrics that blows that off the planet completely to the same guy who signed and co-producers her. And got turned down flat. I wish he would have said hey you suck and are clueless.
But instead used lines like "nothing new and fresh" about my tune.

"Since You Been Gone" is new and fresh?????????

Get the point? Rockin Out and hearing Kelly belt it out (on tape) is the fresh he was thinking of. He never even read those lyrics.

As well as Ande's thread I'll write another about this subject that will really sting smile

Peace Mike

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