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Howdy Bill, His credentials were on his website and I agree with everything you said, sometimes I'm too honest and forget that saying peoples work suck is insensitive
It doesn't really happen that much anymore, I've just decided not to comment on a lyric that I find strongly cliche
Most of the time I am thinking they want to pitch the song too which may not be the case for most of them, So I should find out beforehand what the song is for
I'm not much of a P.R. man but I am sorry to Ande and everyone else
An interesting lesson here. I got offended earlier in this thread when I was posting my very first posts...so much that I decided this place wasn't for me and I meant to go away for good. But then I decided to read a few other sections just to test the waters...that's when I was hooked. I realized just how large, generous and supportive this community was, and I began to see the advantage of posting some of my work here for critique. I also looked at other songwriting sites...they seem to lack the traffic and often devolve into little cliques that I just didn't feel were worth penetrating. So I decided I was just being angered by an opinion and came back within a day. Since then, I have learned extraordinary lessons. I've rewritten old songs and wrote new ones. I've also enjoyed and learned from Airun's posts. I've developed a thicker skin, but I've also learned there is a way to point out a negative without suckerpunching someone, or de-motivating them. So, all in all, I've found even the negative experiences on this board can lead to a positive learning experience.

Now my philosophy on posting---as a result of this thread, really---is to promote the honing of our mutual craft...and to avoid road rage.