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I think we're picking on a risktaker.

Hi Lyle

Actually I'm the only one picking on him, and it's largely to do with being in a foul mood lately, the kind only doctors and lawyers and dentists (teeth) can put you in lol...

Like I said the businees is different today for sure. But really I'm mean your a Beatle knowlegible person. Now knowing they those guys once they got passed the statring gate of doing everything Brian Epstein wanted them to.. weren't they real risktakers? You better believe it.
Tell ya what Brad STOP touring completely after your second year in the business and still out sell and out do everyone else in the entire industry Shall I continue on what else they did first or maybe we don't need the history lesson. Or maybe we do.... yes when your very popular you can bend the rules Brad is VERY popular but how is he bending any?

It's very simple if the Beatles are the ultimate rule breakers(and they were) I hope I don't have to make a list... than how do you put Brad Paisley anywhere in that conversation or sentence? I hate to use the Beatles for any examples but this one fits....

Peace Mike

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