The overiding theme in the first post seems to be to keep it universal yet original.
That is what I have been persuing in lyric writing.
Sometimes to humiliating results. But I keep trying to refine myself with it.
What would go for Nashville I would think would be universal.
Even though I hav'nt done anything Nashville except attempting some lame country rock original once.

If there is politics or satire, than a cliche may help.
But of course, it should be somthing not heard a million times before.
Having words that read like a short story or poem in a lot of cases would be more boring in lyrics than cliches.
The biggest obstacle there seems to be is that everything has been done to death.

Even in the comedy world, if someone does anything similiar to a Richard Pryor or George Carlin, there is the sense that we have been here before.
It can be only improvised on with a different spin, but satire and dark humor has been done over in so many ways.
Same with lyrics and music.

And I am not one for creating a new genre and love anything rock.
But what can be done with that that already has'nt been touched off on?

I'm glad there is a post like this to make people think.