Hi Air

This was great smile thanks for sharing it.

Yes I knew that they had to have some concern, my gut told me so.

Brad is smart enough to know he'd better be established some before he try's to get over with the "Tick" song. Again what do we talk about when we say "The established artist" If you have the money to advertise people will buy anythng if you are already popular and hot it's even easier selling them on something.. Just a fact of life and business. Phil Collins who is deep talented [/b enjoyed the same kind of success in the 80's with songs like [b]"Susudio" But first listen to his work
on Genesis's oh lets see "And Then There Were Three" awesome!

The funny thing to me the refernces to "outside the box" what's going on over there is anything but "outside the box" They mean a little more tiny bit risky than
exactly what the others are doing.. They don't know what breaking rules are about at all, but all genressuffer that fate currently. Or do they they think they are the only ones writing silly songs, about sex & alcohol that people bop up & down to? smile Take a look around you... Write a seven minute number one hit song.. that's breaking rules...
Congrats to all for another #1 hit smile

Peace Mike

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