Hi Bill

All of your threads are very helpful, insightful and are creating examples that all can relate too in one way or another.

I have to say your observations and analogies are excellent. The way your thinking makes sense and you obviously study the angles of the music game I use the comparison between music & sports all the time and felt like I was the only one who gets it.

Too add ro your theories, Sports are much like music.
1- They are two things that
anyone can pretty much do and we can all do them just for fun. Guys play softball on the weekend and others get together and jam. They can both be a very simple child like game or hobby. And one day you may be rich & famous for playing that same game. They both involve the word Play

2- Fierce competition - Team work - Relying on others - Role Players - Disappointments - Traveling being away from home - Dealing with being rejected -
The feelings are the same.....

The only thing that's so much tougher about the music business is there are Fewer To No Outlets No built in system. Unless your a classical musician who can use the school system to advance. Songwriters and other players don't have that in the same way at all.
Sports have the school system you play in a the little league, if your good and dedicated you make the high school team, if you are good and dedicated you can get to the college team, if you are good and dedicated you get scouted by the pros.
With Scholarship oppurtunities all the way along to the big bucks.
Even the classical players who may get the scholarship don't make the big bucks.

In contemporary music you get nothing... you're on your own.

Peace Mike

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