Hi There,

99.9 per cent of songs sent to publishers are so bad , you ask yourself are they tone deaf? Do they ever listen to the radio? Have they ever read and absorbed the best books on song writing.

This site is full of little groups of friends who want praise not appraisal,

Just read the critiques, do they ever mention , Composer tricks like Bass inversions, Change of Pace, Prosody, Varying the starting point of each phrase, say a pick up or the first downbeat.

Varying the chord count per measure, between verse and pre chorus and/or chorus.

No trite comments like " I like this thanks for sharing."

A few have small time Publishers who have difficulty in writing a letter of introduction , let alone writing a modern interesting lyric, that stands out from the rest.

Whenever we get a C.D. with a pile of songs (More Than Three)
we never get past the first song, How many hits do they think they have written?
As for Sound Click the charts are a joke.

just recently I tuned into the sound click Country charts,
And listened to probably the worst male vocal and the worse female vocalist ever, and probably the worst songs written in that genre.

At number two and three in the country charts
One was by a guy who wore the typical cliché Stetson, the other was some women with a child like voice, singing about dreaming .

Both lots of lyrics were amateur, infantile , and full of cliché
The song by The Stetson Clown, was in very bad taste , completely tactless, and it was not even clever in a distasteful way, Like some hip hop and rap songs, can be.

Both were dreadful , how do these awful songs get to the top of these charts, do they pay ,? And are people down loading them , for a laugh because they are so bad.

I understand that it’s a way of getting your songs heard, but it’s also a quick way to get a bad reputation, if your songs are as bad as these songs were at the top of the “Modern Country Chart ,

I enjoy music of any genre, if it’s well written and well sung
And produced, but the fact that anyone can up load a song,
Would put off any genuine Publisher or Artist looking for new material, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Best Wishes Matt .

Without the right music your clever lyrics will never be heard, if you want success be prepared to re write many times and even change the meter you chose originally