P.S., in response to your emial, let it be known to the world that I don't have any major cuts....again (I state that clearly on my website as I have on this forum.) Or should I say I don't have any major cuts YET!

But I believe 2008 is my year. I've got a couple goodies. Maybe you and I can write a hit. Anyone with your fire, passion for writing, and mind numbing, if not brutal, honesty has an open invitation on my writing calender.

2 years ago I was very bitter, very pissed off, and I almost left Nashville to go back to Rockville Maryland where I could be a big fish. Someday I'll share what happened to keep me here (too tired tonight), but I will say that when I finally escaped the "i hate everything...radio, Clear Channel, Record companies, the Bluebird, ANYTHING related to Nashville, songwriting, most people, all writers, myself, you name it" trap I knew I had a chance. Not saying that's your trap or that you're even in one...but that was mine and I had to escape.

I don't mean to presume but I do think you and I have some things in common.