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I have been watching this thread to see where it would lead. I also have wondered how long Brian would let this continue.

One thing that will usually get Brian involved is a direct attack on a member, especially when it is unprovoked in any way.
I am not sure what Ande might have done to you, Airun, but this is Just Plain Folks and our motto here is We Are All In This Together.
Ande seems to understand that. He attempts to help others. Not by attacking them but by posting information that might help them become better songwriters. I don't think I ever remember seeing Ande say he was a great songwriter, or and expert.
If it was up to me you would have been sanctioned long ago. It is fine to do a critique on a song but to go and dig up a song and bring it into this thread, then proceed to tell everyone how terrible you think it is has me wondering just who you think you are. Then I think you called him a hypocrite?
I have only seen one lyric of yours. You sent it to me in a PM. Stating that you would not risk posting it for fear someone would steal the hook.
Well, let me say this, I don't think you have to worry about it.
(Actually, I wrote a song a couple years ago that has a very similar hook and story line. It was posted here on Lyric board three)

If you want to promote yourself as a great lyric writer then I suggest you post some credits to back it up. So far the only person here that knows how great you are is you.....Oh, wait a minute, you sent me one of your "great lyrics" and asked my opinion. Well....
I have been helped by Ande's posts. Not by his songs, but the information he has shared.
I'll give a little example of how that might work. I recently ordered a book written by one of the JPF mentors. The book was on songwriting. One Chapter in the book dealt with some of the Authors songs. Well, I did not like a few of the songs. But that did not take away from what I learned reading the book.

Oh! I saw this posted by you...
Some people make their living off writing cliche songs like diane warren and I'm sure there's others so he has hope

You are now going after Dianne Warren? One of the most successful songwriters in history?
Man you have one hell of a pair of Gonads I got to say that for ya.