I'm ten pages into this thread. I think the previous 9 mostly focused on one guy's disputing anyone's authority to give advice.
In pages following there were some references to Ande's original tips and advice on Songwriting, but mostly it was argumentation and debate that were unproductive in any advisory value, unless you're an academician willing to mine the rare ore from the tailings.

I persevered only out of a mule-headed determination to get back to the discussion of 'tips', ideas about Songs and Songwriting to help people who may never have thought about those Structural aspects of Songs. Page 10 starts to do that. Now, fatigued, I'll come back later to wade through the next 10 pages.

Looking back, and I will go and look back at page one, I think most of Ande's tips are more focused on Structure than Lyric-Writing.
I'd like to bring the tips forward and start anew. Readers could suggest words to better express what they think each tip is saying, thereby refining the original, or muddying it up! LOL

But this is the kind of 'study' most aspiring Songwriters need, tips on how to spot their flaws, to see their gems, developing analytical and critical thinking skills. Otherwise, we keep writing with the same flaws, 'learning' those patterns thinking they're 'features', not 'bugs'.

Gotta rest the gray cells!

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