This is a fascinating story about your 1st cut. This really gives great insight into how it can happen. It seems that you had the right material at the right time, with the right connections. There is no one way for things to go, as anyone can see, its a journey, one that is really cool to read about. I wish we had more stories like this to tell.
Your story highlight the significance of everything that you have been saying. Starting with the creating of the Song, the presentation, having a great demo that sells the song, and having someone with a connection is really paramount.
As I said this is a fascinating read! I love that your dad was able to share in this accomplishment, he probably had no idea of where things would go. The fact that a Song can have many lives is also evident.
That is the great thing about Songs, they go on! How fortunate are we to be able to create something that other find enjoyment. I am really starting to realize that this is really the most important thing on my journey, is to create something special that will take others to another place, away from their cares and troubles. It's a powerful girt that we as Songwriters possess, I hope we all can be mindful of that power and respect it to the fullest of our abilities.
Again, thanks for the great peek inside, I hope this will help some of here on the boards!-Dana