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We can even learn from badly written songs , just a thought

I wonder how many Learning song writers , study what is known as The Vowel Triangle

I found it years ago in a book written by a well known Berklee Professor who's name escapes me

at this time ,

I just remembered his name it is Patt Pattison he also does some handy you tube talks on the art

Another You Tube Must for us all is Leonard Bernstein

Oh and I dont know why many J P F writers look on Nashville as the Be all and End all of

getting cuts , there are so many other outlets in the world try looking at the Big Picture I would say

Matt, you're so correct about learning. Bad songs are much better teachers than great songs. Great songs first have to avoid all the fatal errors of bad songs THEN must have some level of artistry that can't be taught on top. So looking at bad songs can help you learn the fatal errors and how to avoid them and then you avoid those and add your artistry and hopefully it becomes brilliant.


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