Hi Michele,

Just realized I didn't reply to this
yes stay away from those abusive people who take advantage

"know what to watch out for in the future."
The problem is these people start out as charismatic handsome and charming plus when people fall in love, we tend to
1) project (giving them qualities we want them to have, but they don't)
2) magnify the positives &
3) minimize the negatives or just be completely blind to them
4) repeat, Life gives us lessons, and it tends to repeat the lesson until we really learn the lesson. We also tend to attract the same types of people, sometimes your new love could be similar to those we've already had relationships. The difference is, if you get any early warning signs you are in another abusive relationship, have the courage to end it sooner rather hanging on and taking the abuse.

good to hear you're songwriting.

It's nice to have a killer title but it's more important to have a killer idea, approach or melody

you can't copyright a TITLE!
but if you build a valuable business around it you can trademark it.
IE Margaritaville

yep don't wait, get to work. It's fun to think it's looking great but when the creative flow is done editing begins.
"this song is gonna ROCK!"

"As to the song "In a Minute" yes, it is a duo, Mum and Daughter song,(and thanks, you gave me a few other idea's for the song) grin Stan and I have achieved that, but before I post songs up now, I want to get the melody, go over the lyrics like a fine tooth comb with my producer, because I've found when Rodney starts writing the music for the song, Yep those lyrics can change, and it's all worth while when it's finished."
It's OK for lyrics to change, I tell my cowriters I am for whatever is better.

"Ande, your TIPS are excellent!"
thank you

Thanks for the FREE advice, because I financially live from week to week.
you're welcome

My main suggestion to any songwriter is:
"don't spend a lot of money on a song until it's strong enough and really ready."
Sometimes we're over eager to get something done.
Also search hard to find production sources that provide excellence and affordability.