You know something else about this post is an amazing lesson and it has NOTHING to do with songwriting. It has to do with PROFESSIONALISM and DEALING WITH TROLLS and LESSONS ABOUT HOW PEOPLE FIND SUCCESS IN THE REAL WORLD.... and all you need to do is read the visceral hatred spewed by Airun (a born tool if ever there was one) and the unbelievably professional way in which Ande deflected not only his venom, but even his legit attacks. Folks, if you want to know why people like Ande find success and others do not, you need not do more than read the first page or more of this topic. It's brilliant. His tips are solid, especially for someone learning to write a song, but his actions offer the best lesson that people who do anything professionally on line could learn a lot from.

I had actually forgotten about the discussion at the top until someone mentioned the troll and I thought, I need to take another look. Sometimes trolls do have their place in moving things forward. Of course they're almost always cowards of unimaginable proportions, like Airun who wouldn't just use his real name and take the consequences (he truly defines trolldom).

Write on, =)


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