I don't you are being dark at all, you are being a realist, and this information will help a lot of us on our own journey, so I really appreciate the time you are taking to inform us. You hit on so many points here, that I am really impressed with your knowledge of this subject. Like a lot of people here, I held the same attitude that today's music really sucks, I was very fearful that I would somehow be left behind if I did not subscribe to the style that is currently out, but have since found that I don't need to be fearful of that at all. I have learned to 'adapt' as you say and create music that is enough of my own style, yet also fit in with what I believe is current now. So that holds a lot of satisfaction for me. I believe if we are able to stay true to our own voice in music and touch others, then I think that is a success. Music is such a powerful force in many of our lives that, I really can't see myself not doing it. I suspect that's they way a lot of us on these boards feel, No matter if I were behind the times or not, Any tips for those who can't seem to get past this roadblock?
As always appreciate the time!-Dana