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How have you been?

Glad you like & use my tips.

" finding many Hooks" can be a problem,
I found many more than I could write

"Not a title in the world like it, and once it's written, no one can ever use the same title again. "
You can google a phrase by putting quotes around it. You can search for a phrase in PRO & music databases. You can't copyright a title.

"But currently it's not flowing for me, and one day me and my mentour when I do get to Nashville will write this song."
Don't wait for Nashville

I've still got lots of learning to do.


Sitting here this morning on JPF, this song came to me, and I haven't written in months, yep still needs lots of work, ...
"In A Minute", one for me and my little girl to record.
~ isn't it fun when you write a new lyric especially after a dry spell

"i'd like to see more songs for children in Country Music. When I take Elliza who is 10 yrs old to our Country music practice nights, the songs are way to old for her to sing, or the lyrics are not appropriate etc,":


Edit, eek, I don't like number 11.Lol. laugh
a.) only using title words in the chorus
~ remember these are tools not rules for songwriting fools. Guidelines

Ande, I don't think I can get out of putting In a minute in the verse hah,
Maybe, there's other ways to say I'll get around to it

Structure, mine goes VVCVVCBC is that ok Ande?
The structure is fine
Looks like vcvcbc

first draught = first draft?

Michele, I read the lyric, to me the biggest issue might be, I think you wanted to write a lyric for pretweens like your dau. But because of the bridge it's really a song for moms. The gist is I told you to do something, you put it off, when you want me to do something I'm going to put it off.

To get kids to do what you want them to all you need to do is change the WIFI password then give it to them when their chores & homework are done, inspected & approved

I think the chorus needs short phrases and to be more rhymey

I think songs that kids love will be about them, from their POV, about relationships & situations with other kids.

Taylor Swifts earlier songs
The climb Miley Cyrus
Pink Raise your glass

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