There are 3 lyrics forums here, airun.
I have a few you could call me on, if that does'nt annoy you too much.

Being compared to Keith Urban is actually kind of a compliment to me.

Hopefully I can songwrite even remotely that good one day to pull those lyrics through.

Everything in lyrics are words borrowed over time (at least 99.8%).
It seems to be more up to interpretation what is cliched.
I think of cliches as common phrases.
I look more at muti-themes. Not the same tired theme over and over again. And I don't look at necessarialy if the lyrics are cliched or not.
But some musicians are so good to listen to that there are exceptions to having just one theme.
Doing just love songs would be the typical example of what I mean by single themed musicians.

But not having "cliches" to a certain degree would seem to take a lot out of making a point in a song.