This may seem like an out of place comparison...but I used to both show and judge a lifetime long ago. smile

There were judges noted for being tail judges, top line judges,
teeth judges, eye judges, front end judges, rear end judges, movement judges ...and then...there were judges who were known to be all-rounders...who eventually were respected enough in the field .... to be judging shows like the Westminister Kennel Club each February.

Where am I leading with this? ......The all rounder type judges were able to step back.....away from the dogs...and from any single characteristic..(i.e. flaw) see the total dog.....
the total package....and take the dog in as a "whole"....
whereas the judges known for being "single-trait" judges..(and let's say their "thing" was movement)....were known
to put up a dog that had flawless down and back and side movement... yet would be the least appealing for its breed in over-all characteristics.

Sometimes, I think as songwriters, (and we are all guilty of this at times) we can't see a beautiful song for what it is....
......because we are not well rounded enough.

Eventually is a beautiful song.... Not every song is written
with the country format in mind.....

Congratulations to Donna, Mark and you, Ande for what you've done with "Eventually" and thanks for the fine tips and reminders.

Best wishes,

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