hey rblight,

I think tip 2 covers it,
plus tip 38 which I haven't written yet
which is

"artists can do whatever they want, it just needs to sound good"

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02) No Rules
There are no rules, there are only tools, guidelines. You'll find exceptions to everything below, but it's generally good to use the tools, unless you have a really good reason not to. It's important to understand each guideline.

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14) Keep It Conversational
Write a lyric the way you would say it. Lyrics are conversational, don't reverse word order for the sake of rhyme, only use words you'd use in a natural normal conversation. KEEP IT SIMPLE.
Harlan Howard said, write songs so people who are half listening can half understand.

This tip is genre specific. It is a good tip for country music lyrics but not such a good tip for hard rock or heavy metal, where lyrics can often be very mystical and poetic.

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