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Totally with you on the early 80s country. Restless Heart was a favorite band for my dad and I Saw them in concert twice as well. And I think there are others they penned that are equally great. Hears where we might differe a little. I think of restless heart as being less country and more pop rock. That said I think they did some awesome music. I just don't see them as fitting the country genre. Then again as you mentioned about the early days of country it wasn't always about genre's. Another good one from Restless Heart was Fast Movin' Train. I get chills whenever I hear that one really emotional song great melody and harmonies. Ok now that I am completely off track lol.

What I meant earlier about the Beatles wasn;t that they made huge mistakes musically. I meant that if you or I had written the songs on Magical Mystery Tour we'd been laughed off the stage. Sometimes an artist makes the song. Could you hear anyone else getting praise for singing about a guy in a bar picking up a lady with a line as odd as "Well excuse me but I think you got my chair?". But with George Strait singing it people (mostly women) Are like whoa yeah that's awesome. His delivery on that song I feel are some of most well delivered lines. Now take the get er done guy and have him sing the same song. Doesn't work does it? Would anyone else have been able to get away with the mumbo jumbo of Blinded by the light"? Bruce didn't need that little gem to make his career he didn't even need "Born to run". But with those songs he made himself that much bigger. Of course everyone remembers Manfred Mann for singing Blinded but I hope you get my point. So maybe what we have here with "Effin Brad" is a guy who can do no wrong in some peoples opinions will he last? Who knows I do know this though if I'd written "ticks" and posted it on board 3 I'd be chased off of JPF lol.

Ok now that I have said way more than a mouthfull I'll try and let this settle back into being Ande's lyric writing thread.

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