Hey Bill

Well you won't lose my respect for speaking your mind Bill. Maybe what me and Mike meant wasn't that it was a badly written lyric (as far as structure goes) and it does try to make itself seem like reasonable idea.

But if I get Mike's reaction correct and it fits my own I would say the problem is the subject matter. I agree it is rather a bold idea but I don't personally know a lot of girls who would turned on by the idea of a guy asking if he could check her for ticks. I kinda think the only reason a girl or woman would like that is because of this song.

That said I think that was mine and Mike's point it wouldn't work except that he made it work. Before this song asking a woman that question would have got you slapped at best(might even still).

So my point on this is that it's a well written lyric in real poor taste. But then that's only my opinion let's hear what others have to say.

Edit ok I guess I got late in on the conversation here lol. I see what others think and I'll gladly accept it and mosey away for a while with an amused look on my face.

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