Who are you anyway? You are very mean and obviously have a chip on your shoulder. I find the people in Nashville that have the 'most' negative things to say about others usually are those that are the 'most' bitter about their own failures, although I'm sure this would never be the case with you.

What major cuts have you had? (Please list below)


Listen to "Somebody Like You" by Keith Urban. The lyric is fairly pedestrian, but it's such a great song. You can't just judge a lyric by itself. As much of an expert as you purport to be, you should know this. You have to consider the whole package. I'm a big fan of saying it differently, saying something new, having the 2nd verse say something other than a rehashing of the 1st verse, and having the bridge go somewhere else. I agree with you that some of these things don't happen on Ande's song. But you have a lot to learn about being a nice guy and being a supporter of your colleagues who are trying to do just that by offering their experience and wisdom.

In short, if you can't be constructive, please go away. You just annoy everyone with your bad attitude.


What cuts do you have? Curious. We'll listen