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Songs come to me in bits and pieces. Very rarely complete & fully baked. Also overcome the desire to drown them at birth. When I reviewed rewrites that helped me and my cowriters finally arrive to our final draft, some of the early drafts were pretty bad.

I'm a big believer in the set aside technique. I'll set lyrics aside for weeks, months & sometimes years. Then come back to them.

Great songs are co-re-written.


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26) Bits and Pieces
Songs rarely arrive fully baked. They usually arrive in bits and pieces. It's up to you to put the lyric together. Writing lyrics can be like solving puzzles.

I hope this helps you write better songs, Let me know if it does.

Ande Rasmussen

Ande, to let you know, this tip saves me a lot of worry. I can now jot down the beginnings of something and leave it for later, confident that it's all not "here" yet. My mind will work on it while I'm doing other things. And every time I come back to it, I see and add new things! smile So, thanks for that bit of wisdom!


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