Hi Guys, Thanks Bill smile I'm glad you got the humour lol...
How far away are we now from Ande's original post smile sorry Ande smile

Let me tell ya about my little expierence with Country Music.
Of course when i was a kid it was mixed into the mainstream with other popular songsYes "Rose Garden" & Glenn Cambell songs were on the same charts as other genres of music, before the word genres lol....

But really I was working as a house painter in the early 80's and my boss an all Greek man named Gus (of course) was a Country Music Freak! So he would leave that station on 8 hours a day while we painted.
Now this was nerve racking to a Rock N Roll & Classic Soul freak like me lol...
And in that decade I was heavy into jazz'rock fusion as well.

But I love pop music big time and love any music that appeals to me in some way.
So needless to say my favorite Country songs & artist are probably in that decade.
Not all but I like a lot of songs I heard while working.

You won't believe this but ME my own wedding song was a Restless Heart song called "I'll Still be Loving You" I was actually working for the post office the first time I heard it. It literally froze me... The acoustic guitar and opening melody is staggeringly great. And the acoustic guitar solo sends chills down my spine till this day. The harmonies and feel those guys laid down wow! and it had all the great things that, Great Cat Stevens songs or JT's or Croces or Chapin songs would have.. yes I know all those guys songs of course.

So that was my wedding song believe it or not, and everytime I hear it it also makes me say " Man this should have been one that I wrote. I can see myself writing this" That kind of song... a Grammy winner as well. I would never be embarrased to have written that.. it's simply beautiful.

I really liked Ronnie Milsap then as well...

Now back to Brad Efin Paisley (that was a good one Airun) smile

Personally I think Vince Gill blows him away in every regard,
Vocally for sure, Vince never came off like a goofball, Plays the guitar every bit as good, And is just better all around musically. So there is somebody in his own world that he can take a lesson from.

I may never be able to come up with a Witchita Lineman sublime! great song..
But neither can Brad so why should we treat him like has done so smile he's a talented guy no doubt I'll leave it at that... smile

Peace Mike

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