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Hey Mike

You know the scary thing? I went to a site called smart lyrics and looked at what people had to say about this song. Ya know what? They loved it. Thought it was real funny. Some said it was the best song ever written. (ok I lie they said it was the bestest song ever written). Some even said it was a wonderfull love song. I thought the one I wrote about the girl asking the guy to twist her top off (Beer top) Was bad in this department. I think it beats ole brads lyric hands down. But this just goes to show what people think music is these days. And Gene Simmons wants to blame college kids for the decline of the music biz. I think songs like this are more to blame. In fact songs like this are exactly why I don't listen to the radio anymore sheesh.

Hi Derek

I put the video on of "Ticks" just before to show my wife I didn't say anything.
She went "No, Oh man you have got to be kidding right" ?
Funny? it wasn't.. Bad it was! Now I also listened to the song "Online"
Okay that song is lame BUT I can still see the appeal in it and appreciate the cleverness. Also the hook was much better. So I'm not against this particular artist
but he should be a bit embarrassed not proud don't you think.
They call him the new this and the Eddie Van Halen of country and singer/player/songwriter...He's more like The David Lee Roth I guess (funny guy) When he watches John Mayer doesn't he feel like "duh" Do you think Mayer would do such a ridiculous thing as that.

That's what I mean man a little sense of pride... Like All the artists in my business (the ones who know better are gonna think what of me? ) You don't have to live by that but geez... I picked up one of his CD's I wanted to check out the hype... Maybe if he would have played some guitar on his own album I wouldn't have sold it on Ebay after one listen.

Anyway My wife turned to me and said this is about as appealing as a song about gynocological examinations. lol.. smile
She said hey why don't you just write a song about a Pap Smear
How about this lyric....
Honey right after I finish this beer"
I wanna give you a Pap Smear
lol... stupid right? or are Ticks supposed to be much cuter? lol....

I love giving props to all kinds of artists and songs but this was just one of those where you insult my intelligence by trying to say "well it's a hit right"?
I have been very good this year in not ripping into things especially when it has no relevance on my life. But I couldn't let this one get by.

The thing that bothers me most about these kinds of songs is they try SO HARD to force something that is NOT appealing or a far stretch to try to come off like they are clever and unique songwriters. It was a bad idea but they proved that doesn't matter.
Listen I don't expect the people to know any better and I have said it 1 million times
they will buy whatever you show them. that's how our Country works..
We put medications on TV commercials where the side effects are DEATH and people buy them, oh yes they sure do!

But industry people and artists like Brad Paisley who are signed to Aritsa records should know a little better. Most of his songs show me that he wants to be recognized as a clown... hey that's cool I love clowns smile

Speaking of clowns I'm off to see my doctor in a few hours i better get some sleep..

Peace Mike

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