Hi Derek

Yes Restless Heart did have rock influnences but that's when the trend started happening and now it is very rock influneced. Country's Grammy winner and biggest artist (Keith Urban) is A Bon Jovi clone. Now some folks will come on and say hey that's not really Country... Okay but that's what the rest of the world thinks Country is because that's what they shove down everyones throats.. everytime we see anything to do with Country music that guys face is all over it. That is not opinion lol....

Restless Hearts "That Rock Won't Roll" and "Wheels" sounded pretty country to me. But also pop.... very very catchy songs with not lame lyrics trying to get cute by liteally explaining everything a human being has in there face all day....
Let Tim MCgraw keep singing about people dying and the fatally ill... And do it so literally... turns me right off brother. That guy has always been a poser anyway in my mind.

Again can't talk about The Beatles If we wrote one song from Mystery Tour we would never ever be laughed off the stage. Even if they wrote a silly song The Beatles sense for melody and counterpoint was BEYOND Belief...
This is all I will say about The Beatles.. If Beethoven was alive today he would walk over & right by Brad Paisley and many many many others like myself.. He would adore The Beatles. I would bet my life on it. Paul MCartney is so good it's not even fair to the rest of us. Beethoven was the pop superstar of his day, which also entailed being brillant at the same time. Stevie Wonder shares that unique position.

And finally - If I was bitten by a vampire and could roam this earth for centuries I wouldn't be able to come up with the equal to one Beatles album, never mind the miles of great work they did in - ready only ( SIX YEARS)

Bruce - He did kind of need "Born To Run" it defined him and remains his masterpiece.Top Ten all time records ever.. Mike A told me great stories about those days and that whole Manfred Mann thing.... Great version of that song by the way. Everyone who coverd Bruce's songs did great with them.. Patti Smith "Because The Night" her biggest hit smile
The Pointer Sisters, Manfred Mann etc.... You already know my partner Produced that album right? smile

ThunderRoad is a song to marvel at. Makes any songwriter or anybody go... wow! If you can't spot that greatness it's time to see the head doctor smile

All kidding aside, If anyone hear wrote "Ticks" we would all be happy and most very impressed. We all know the sole songwriter trying to sell a song game. So we take nothing for granted, But what we are saying is Okay - Is this the best you got out there? #1 Your rich beyond belief and my hard work and dues & talents can not even put food in my or my familes mouth....The gap is a tough thing to swallow sometimes.

Everytime I put on Stevie Wonders "Songs In The Key Of Life' I wanna quit music and realize how much I don't have... everytime! he makes everyone seem tiny bro! Then after a few songs I get inspired all over again by him time and again. And realize what it's really all about, the guy is pure gold man.

Brad won't allow himself to ever even be an ounce of that,especially playing inside that box he's in. Hey I'm still a muisc lover and fan And don't mind looking up to people.

Oh and Beethoven might have stopped to give Hendrix a second look smile

Derek you're a good guy, all the best pal!

Peace Mike

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