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Hi Mike.

Thanks for the kind words! it's my hope that others can benefit from what I've learned, and vice versa. My secret motive in all this is to find a brilliant lyricist for my music.

Your sports analogies are great. It's true, there's no 'in place development' plan for rock, country, pop music... Jazz, marching band and classical you can at least touch on in school, but the rest is learned in the basements of other obsessed artists you hope to meet somehow who's not only not insane but one who you actually find common interest with. What's worse is those environments aren't always the healthiest. Sports has that positive, socially embraced and accepted component to it. Musicians aren't viewed quite the same way.

Thanks for your addtional development to my little theory. It mystifies me more than anything how someone can think they're ready for the big leagues when they're not even ready for sand lot. I got a song today that was so absolutely, incredibly, horrifically, astoundingly BAD that I almost couldn't bear to listen to it, but this artist was CONVINCED the song would be a PERFECT MATCH for Reba McIntyre. I'm like, "how can you possibly think that????" I KNOW if they heard something LIKE it on the radio, they'd be like, "Huh?" But because they wrote this song, they think it's ready for Reba. Go figure....

thanks again.


Hi Bill

I understand completely. I work mainly in Modern Rock/Pop Alternative but I have been involved in the Dance music world and R&B as well in the past.
I also study the game and the angles and have been for a long time. I still scratch my head.
People need confidence to get anywhere but can lose sight of the realities quickly.
What many don't know is even a bad song has to be a good song.
I can hear a hit song and it can really offend my musical senses in many ways but I can still understand and figure out why it's a hit, ya know for the most part.
Some I can't find that reasoning out for even with stretching it and being open minded.

Of course you have to allow for the Artist writing there own songs. That can often mean sub par material getting by because hey "I'm A Star"
But that's part of the rewards for getting there. Trace back o that artist and you will always find there break through song was a real good one.
That's what we can all lose focus of the "The Break Through Song"

Anyway sometimes when we hear a large dose of songs that aren't great the bar gets lowered and we all feel we deserve a chance.
I heard a song the other night by Brad Paisley that wasn't just bad it was an embarrassment. All I kept thinking was how does this guy sleep at night smile Don't know if he's the writer or someone actually had the nerve to submitt this...
But the sad thing is it got cut and is a hit.. which proves to everyone with a brain that they can sell whatever they want whenever they want, as long as they put it out and make it seem like it's hip (force it actually) the people can be brainwashed. smile
That song was called "Tick" or "Ticks" To be open minded i have heard Paris Hilton songs better smile

Lame lyrics are one thing, very common in todays scene but this was such a bad stretch I just cringed in disbelief. The big payoff was "I wanna check you for Ticks" lol... And where are supposed to go ; wow how clever? How sexy? How funny? more like How Come? smile Please Brad Play your guitar more and say NO to these songs sometimes.... So anyway what songwriter wouldn't believe they had something decent with songs like that and quite a few more coming out of Country everyday. Artsist also race to have a new song constanly, have a better song that lasts longer, you're already well off financially make it about the music again for a few minutes....

Thanks Bill I know you understand.... smile

Peace Mike

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