The vast, vast, vast majority of huge hits, happen just like that. Accidents, chance meetings, random acts that if most people realize how random it is, most people would probably never try it. Almost every hit songwriter I've ever met or worked with all have these types of stories on the songs that made their careers. They also have unending stories of songs they thought could NOT MISS, yet did. You just never know. You have to take care of what you can and that is really the deal.

The real inside thing now that exists that didn't before is that you HAVE to include the artist in the writing of the song today. They don't even get considered now outside that. There is a lot of reasons for that, but one above all, personal ego and propetary ownership. Think of it like this:

How many songs do you yourself write? How many have you lived? Have you written things about a loved one's death, a relationship that never quite happened, life's dissapointments, highs and lows, falling in love, having children, etc. The things you personally have experienced.
Then how many have you worked on, loved, re-written, then gone through the process of recording, paying money, putting them out there to promote?

Now, how many songs by other people that you don't know and possibly are written about the same issues, situations, life experiences. And you might not even consider them as good as your's.

Here's the big question.

How many of those would you promote over your own songs? How much energy would you expend to promote one of those songs? If you developed a very shakey relationship with an artist of your own aquaintance, and had a chance to pitch ONE song to them, would you pitch your own, something you write WITH THEM, or someone else's that you don't consider as good, written by a person you don't really know or have a relationship with?

This is the REAL DEAL and why you have to look BEYOND THE SONG. We all think we KNOW WHEN SONGS ARE UNDENIABLE! We all think we have something people just HAVE TO HAVE!!!

In reality, that is OUR OPINION. There are several threads going on right now about "what makes a great song... the songs on the radio are so substandard..." whatever. It's always like that. And we might not agree with what is on the radio or even what is popular with the masses. I watch television, hear music, am surrounded by songs and songwriters, and I rarely ever hear much that I consider even average. But some have impact. Some connect with their listeners.

What does it MATTER what I think? I have absolutely NO SAY in the matter.
It's why I really try not to say a lot of negative stuff about what is selling with the general public. I have no business telling them what they like or don't.

So if you are looking toward learning and participating in this, always look at everything from a variety of sides. Opinions are like other parts of the body. Everyone has them.