Thank you. I really don't care to talk that much about myself, but every once in a while I feel it's nessasary to explain WHY I believe the things I do. Also, because negativity is so prevalant in everything, and a lot of times I feel I present an impossible picture. A lot of it is not so much impossible as IMPROBABLE. So you have to work on things you CAN do, and not worry about what you CAN'T DO. But at the same time, you have to understand why things happen and how we got to where we are.

It's very nice to hear from you and good to get some questions that I might be able to help on. I think you should start your own question thread and ask some things about what you are going through. It might help you streamline your efforts. I am never going to be good at a lot of streaming, internet, recording issues. I am more involved in the creative process, performance and networking advice. There are others here who are involved in recording, and other more technically related issues. If you were to ask some things that you personally need, that might help people focus on just you.

As always, you or anyone are welcome to contact me personally here, or visit my web site to see some things that I have been involved in. It's a great idea to find out what others have done and where they have come from in order to find things that apply to you and what you need.