Hi Bill,

I'm following you smile yes it is good to discuss these things and it'a hard to let personnal
opinions fly a little. But first let me mention something to my friend Derek.

Derek - I hear ya... Only The Beatles are not a good example. They are actually never good to bring up in any music business conversations really. lol....
I can't find 2 Bad songs on "Magical Mystery Tour" and millions would probably agree. The Beatles were so good it's not even fair to bring them into anything smile
Also few will remember Brad Paisley in 10 tears never mind 40 years.
Your right Elvis ia much better example . And Brad could never be like Elvis no one could actaully. He's an Icon that trancends just music.

And remember elvis did that at the End of his career.. not in the beginning.

Oh and thanks for the support with my health i greatly appreciate you for many things pal smile

Peace Mike

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