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Agreed with since you been gone but its also catchy and fun to sing and isnt a downer of a song

If a professional writer wrote that and it was a hit would they feel the same way about it?


Yes Since You Been Gone is catchy and fun. But being a downer of a song or a ballad or mid tempo love song etc... has nothing to do with it.

The issue was not "Eventually's" melody or music, tempo or feel. It was about the lyrics that concerned you.

So take the music completely away from "Since You Been Gone" and you are left with lyrics that a grade schooler could have wrote in class in a half hour while not paying attention to the teacher smile

Pop songs are meant to target everyone, but mostly to target the young.

I totally understand and agree with what you mean about knowing the writer and liking the song more because it's a friend and someone you know.

That's why I wrote If - I could easily hear this on the radio today. This could be done by Justin Timberlake or someone like him or a young female artist as well.

Tell me if one of these boy bands did this song or Jesse McCartney it wouldn't fly...It would be PERFECT.....

If your a non artist songwriter you have very few options to who you can pitch songs too. You have Country & Pop and the both has to be singers not bands..
Then singers who don't write all there own songs as well. Many times it's the teenage artist or artist gearde towards younger audineces this is Popular Music

]So even if it was not done by Ande and I heard it on the radio done by whoever I would not be surprised one bit. Does it mean i would run out and buy it? No.

The writers here had a goal a target and a game plan. They succeeded up to this point now they need to get the cut. And they are hoping someone like Jesse sings it and sets off thousands of little girls crying. they need all of this to happen to earn a living smile They are trying to do the nearly impossible I give them alot of credit in this regard and wish them the best of [b]luck.

It's just the way it is smile Good discussion Air I appreciate it and respect you for being open and honest.

Peace Mike

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