Pete, you said a mouthful.

Then you haven't looked very hard Ray
And I've read about 8 other songs of his all being cliche
Some "mentor" he would be
That's all I'm gonna say about him

Hi, airun. I had the pleasure of spending some time with Ande this past weekend. I learned alot about songwriting from him both from his posts and now, in person.

He is professional and one of the kindest, most sincere people I've ever met. He is the type of person who studies songwriting like it is a science. He's very serious about it. We all can learn from his knowledge and practice.

He has a way with people that is admirable-he helps them. He gives them good advice. He's nurturing. He takes the time to share what he's learned. He's excited about songwriting and wants others to be excited, too. He's very professional in his manner and approach with people. People respect him.

I've sort of kept quiet about this thread because you're entitled to your own opinion about lyrics or songs, in general. Obviously, it doesn't grab you but it grabs almost everyone else so there is something special about Eventually. I wish I'd written it.

"Grits is one of those country-boy words that is both singular and plural-like deer, elk and sheep. I think the singular is appropriate when there's a modifier that makes it clear one is talking about something specific. Like, 'Grits are good for you, but these here grits is tasty.'"~~Joe Wrabek