Mike if you like "Your still the one" by The Orleans have I got a song for you. Listen to another one of there's (it's sorta obscure) called "Let there be music" I'll give you and excerpt of the lyrics.

The Orleans

When the world was in trouble
And it looked like there'd be hell to pay
Fire fire everywhere
And the news got worse each day

Well people really wondered
Just how long they could hold out
God looked down from heaven above
And he began to shout

Let there be music
Let it shine like the sun
Let there be music
Everybodies gotta have some fun

And you wanna talk about an awesome guitar arrangement whoa! Blew me away the first time I heard it melody and harmonies are excellent as well man this one puts "still the one" to shame and that's hard to do. Another of their great ones is "Dance with me" shoot wish I could make an acoustic sound that good!

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