The music business has developed into what several of us were made aware in the 90's. I attended one of many panel discussions on the subject of the coming "Interweb" which was going to put all music online and people would be able to "reach audiences they never could before." But the trade off was going to be loss of income from royalties and income from music itself. So we've seen this coming for about 20 years. I don't have a crystal ball but my own opinion is more or less:

The world is now in and in the future one giant NICHE market, that is led by by amateurs. The music is homogonized and all sounds and looks alike. The leaders are the reality shows and there is an "everyone can do it" mentality that is throughout society.
Long careers will be a thing of that past and it will be more and more a celebrity (of the second) world. They will be here and gone faster than anyone even knows.

The money will still be made by a very few people, and concentrated in corporations and very tightly controlled upper echelons.
Having said that, those power people will change continually. It will be a revolving door with no one maintaining any long careers, behind and in front of the public eye.

More and more AI will be employed and more computer driven music will frankly replace the majority of songwriters, musicians, actors, etc.

There will always be exceptions and there will be people who create their own niche's based around themselves without major labels or industry people.
But those will usually come with in the perview of the majors.

So there will still be majors, still be major stars, still be similar things. But it will be quicker and more fleeting. Most people, like today, will never be known outside their close friends, family, confidants.

That's my opinion.