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Nice to meet you. If I am not mistaken, Ande has several cuts and has co-written with quite a number of individuals. The debate of whether to write w/cliches or not will probably be still going on 20 years from now. Meanwhile during that time there will be hit songs written and yes, some may even contain cliches and the world will not end. I have never heard Ande call himself an expert or even intimate that he is. I don't know why you are "bothered" with someone who is taking his time and sharing with the JPF community songwriting tips. On this particular thread they are his own, (and there is nothing wrong with any of those tips) but he has also on other threads shared excerpts and articles written by other people in the industry relating to songwriting as well.

I am not "bothered" at all by someone being kind enough to take their time and share with us, rather I am appreciative. If you are "bothered" with what he offers, you can simply skip his threads and then I would suggest going to the bookstore and purchasing any number of songwriting books, perhaps you will find what you are looking for.

Not bothered, just thankful,

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