Dear Lynn, Ray, and Lyle,

thank you for your support, I'm just here trying to share, like I do in many of my posts.

Our buddy air, is focused on one song I wrote 7 years ago. I have hundreds of songs.

Two weeks ago I decided to block his posts, I can't read them. when he posts on jpf all I see is:

*** You are ignoring this user ***

So as far as I'm concerned with him, I've got my eyes closed, my fingers in my ears and I'm saying "la la la la la."

The unfortunate thing is none of us can succeed in songwriting on our own, we have make friends, build relationships and teams. First impressions matter. He's made quite a first (and last) impression with me.

Thanks again
I wish you all worlds of success with your writing,


Ande Rasmus sen
Ande R a s m u s s e
Ande R a s m u s s e

Texas Grammy Gov 06-08

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