Hi Michelle,
I'm glad you find my advice useful
there's more if you go to http://www.songwriterblog.com
then click on messages
songU is great,
if folks want a trial membership they can drop by

I feel fortunate to be a cowriter on Eventually.
It's a break up song. Glad to hear your daughter likes it too.

Keep writing, critiquing, & studying songwriting, you will improve as a writer and your songs will be stronger.


Originally Posted by michelle67
great advice Ande,I find all of your advice very helpful to me(a newbie)I remember some of the advice that I first learned when I signed up with SongU,was that there are a lot of rules that you should apply when you are songwriting,and there are times when you just need to throw those rules out the window.After hearing some of your music,it does seems that you have mastered the art of when to follow the rules,and when not to...and "Eventually" is absolutely beautiful...my teenage daughter thinks its about her and her BF...lol

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