Boy that Lyle really knows how to say what so many of us are thinking but can't put in words so eleoquently or should I say "simply".

Sometimes we tend to overanalyze things. When we post just a lyric over on a lyric board we tend to scrutinize the lyric alittle more so because it is naked of a melody. We are staring at it's words minus it's melody dressing, and that can be a blessing and a hindrance. Sometimes I may overanalyze a lyric when it is minus the melody because all I have in front of me are the lyrics so I dig deeper. If I am presented with both lyric and melody at once, sometimes what may have been a lyrical weakness in print suddenly doesn't seem to matter when I'm hearing the song wrapped in a memorable melody. When we post our lyrics alone we should expect a harder look because we have no melody to cloud our judgment per se, we are simply reading lyrics. But if we are reading the lyrics for the first time and and listening along to it's accompanying melody right off the bat, the lyrics being great or being "not so perfect" might not matter as much to the listener. "Eventually" may not be "clever", and may not contain ground breaking lyrics, BUT "Eventually" in it's totality is a great song. And that's the way it goes.......

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