You may be big on integrity, or at least on being an enforcer of integrity, but it is more apparent that you're relentlessly trying to pin someone to the wall, to "confess" that you are right and they are wrong. And you do it in a very caustic and insulting way. It's a real drag to read...whereas Ande's tips were excellent. At least those tips and the song were both creative contributions...all this fingerpointing is merely destructive. You've made your point: you think Ande is a hypocrite. Harsh enough. Saying it over and over is just flaming someone...the internet equivalent of road rage. Even if you are correct in everything you've said, than the best you've got on Ande is to have pointed out a weakness...and if that's all this is about then maybe you should consider an apology for hijacking a very helpful thread. You're probably a very well-meaning person, but within this thread...well, you're kind of a bully.

Oh, man, and now I'm doing the same. This place is not for me. Over and out.