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Yep, I'm reading your tips. As to the bits and pieces, I'm with Kristi, I get them all the time. I was chatting in an email to my song writing mentour months back, finding many Hooks, in many of my emails to him, and also they were just coming to me. Well I got one, that is so perfect, Not a title in the world like it, and once it's written, no one can ever use the same title again. But currently it's not flowing for me, and one day me and my mentour when I do get to Nashville will write this song. I've still got lots of learning to do.

Co-writing is good for me, and collobarating seems to work well for me too as I haven't the experience just yet. Here is my latest on the Mp3 forum, love it if you checked it out. Yep a great collobaration, which I'm sure you'll love too.


Sitting here this morning on JPF, this song came to me, and I haven't written in months, yep still needs lots of work, but I have no doubt I'll get it right with a little help from my friends here on the boards. smile It's called "In A Minute", one for me and my little girl to record. I really want to write for my daughter now, as I'd like to see more songs for children in Country Music. When I take Elliza who is 10 yrs old to our Country music practice nights, the songs are way to old for her to sing, or the lyrics are not appropriate etc, so I feel strongly to write songs for her hey. Hmm, I better go read about structure, not sure if I've got that right with "In A Minute". eek

I've been reading your tips again today, and I'll keep reading them.

Yep, I had to give it a Bump so I didn't have to go right back through the posts laugh so I could read it again. smile

Edit, eek, I don't like number 11.Lol. laugh

a.) only using title words in the chorus

Ande, I don't think I can get out of putting In a minute in the verse hah, crazyother wise I lose the story. Can I get away with it being Country Pop? Donna just showed me on the lyric 3 forum regarding my question. Yep you are right, and so is Donna. What I need to do is start a folder up, and put in it all the developments, critics, changes made to the song and label each change, then I've got it to always look back onto, as suffering with Post Traumatic Stress, doesn't help much as to remembering important steps to help me grow as a songwriter. crazyEdit, eek, now I'm up to 12 The building block, structure, mine goes VVCVVCBC is that ok Ande? Back to reading your tips. smileYep Donna offered some great suggestions, I'll see what others suggest too.
Thanks Michele

In A MINUTE! (Mum and daughter song)Yep I know the lyrics are still not right, this is just my first draught. What I enjoy the most about working on a song, is it's development from beginning to end. So addictive, and lots of fun. smile

Elliza Jane can you lend me a hand
There are dishes to be done
Our clothing to be washed
Those now smell and begin to stand

VERSE REPLY (Elliza Jane)
Mum I値l be there in a MINUTE
I知 a little busy on my facebook page
I知 typing a message to Taylor Swift
And I'm just chatting away to her (boy) fans (friends)?
Mum I値l be there in a MINUTE

CHORUS (Mum talking to herself)
In a Minute, In a Minute
30 minutes has passed me by
Yep in a Minute, in a minute
Sure, I値l be there in a Minute

Elliza Jane I haven稚 got all day
All your chores I致e just about done
It is now, is what I meant
Clean your room and get off that net

VERSE (Elliza Jane)
Mum I値l clean my room in a MINUTE
I知 just a little bit busy right now
Listening to 溺ean on YouTube
Singing along with Taylor Swift
Mum why do you have to be so mean?

CHORUS (Mum talking to herself)
In a Minute, In a Minute
2 hours now have passed me by
Yep in a Minute, in a minute
Sure, I値l be there in a Minute

BRIDGE (Mum & Elliza)
(Elliza) Mum can you make my lunch, (Mum) In a Minute
(Elliza) Mum can you get my cloths, (Mum) In a Minute
(Elliza) Mum can you brush my hair, (Mum) In a Minute
(Elliza) Mum can I go to my friends, (Mum) In a Minute

CHORUS (Mum singing it to Elliza)
In a Minute, In a Minute
The day has now passed us by
Yep in a Minute, in a minute
Sure, I値l think about it in a Minute
In a Minute, In a Minute
Sure, I値l think about it in a Minute

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