Thanks, I used to ask a lot of questions, when I was more active here years ago lol.
This is one of the few places still around that you can
communicate with like minded people without paying for a subscription.
Though the internet has made music related things more accessible, it has also made it much harder to communicate effectively with each other as Songwriters/Musicians/Singers.
So being able to read through your story and experiences have made me feel more connected.

Personally, my challenges are being a Non-performing Songwriter hasn't changed much, I do my best to find ways around that. I know that being able to network with Artists and musicians that can do what I can't is essential for me, so my efforts are going to be more focused on 'getting out' there like you say and start doing. I am finding myself really interested in what makes a great song! Finding the common elements in songs that make them standout from other songs.

I'm hoping to be able to recognize those elements and incorporate them into my own songs, or even in some cases see them in songs that I have already written. I think being aware of where you stand in your talent/skill-set is really key in order for you to be able to grow. I love asking questions in a way that will help me gain some insight to my own growth, and hopefully they help others gain some in their own. At the end of the day, all one can ask is to be able to write a better song, than we did yesterday. So, again thanks for taking the time to answer some of my questions, I will be sure to look you up and seek out your advise and expertise you are one of the rare ones around that are open to sharing the knowledge that you have gained.
I appreciate your time as always!-Dana