What kind of "resistance" do you have in mind? Everyone stay off the Internet and refuse to give up access to your music? How many people do you think would do that and what do you think it would matter? See, that is the real conundrum. People are pretty insignificant in the overall scheme of things. One, one hundred, one hundred thousand could stop doing something and there are fifty billion people who would do the exact opposite. Would have no effect.

I'm afraid there is not a lot that can be done. We are where we are. It is a technilogically advanced age and we are just playing a small part in it. You always have to look at the CONSUMER.

People have tried to address this legislatively, with governments, (A lot of the current Chinese dialogues going on are about Intellectual property) you name it. The problem is really the consumer. For 20 plus years they have gotten all the music, entertainment, art, etc. they want endlessly and for free. They choose NOT to pay for it because they don't have to. You and I could choose to keep our music OFF the Internet (Actually I do for the most of it, keeping it on my web site, and a few select sites) and what difference would it make? The same could be said for every Major label. They need and are in fact a part of the Internet platforms. So who is going to resist? The hit artists, who can control what is put up? Nope. They need the exposure. They sacraficed the value of any songs for the value of the artist.

So who would the resistance consist of and what effect would it have? In my opinion, none. I hate it as I have been involved with music my entire life. But I just don't see any "light" coming through. As I said there will be people who succeed. There are people who are succeeding now. They give away product and in return they gain market share. It's a tricky proposition, but some do. Most don't. Wish I could have some special insight. I just don't.

But as I also say, all is not dark. People can still create. People can still share what they do. In some ways it is the best of times. There are a lot of platforms people can use. But I think they have to get used to a different dynamic. A new normal, if you will. And in reality, the new normal, is pretty much what has always been there. THere have always been people with instruments, sitting around, playing bars and clubs, creating music, sharing with others. That has been there for centuries. Not that many actually turned it into a living or a vocation. And there were not as many people at that time.
Now everyone has pretty much the same thing and do the same thing. More people play music. More people post and share music.

I know I sound all dark, forboding and depressing. I'm not really trying to be that way. I am not a pessimist or an optimist. I am a realist. My comments on sites like this or anyone I come into contact with are "be who you are. Do what you enjoy" That old adage, "To thy own self be true." But if you want to do this as a profession or even just to be a better writer, work on educating yourself, getting around other people who know more to you, particularly in some form of face to face situation, not just an online situation. Talking to someone face to face or writing with them, interacting with them, being around the general public, gives you a more realistic viewpoint when it comes to any of this.
There will be people who come through all this and do well. The more you experience, the more you know, both good and bad. If it saves some money, time or effort wasted in one way or another, I'm all for that.