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I give up, you're right. Brad Paisley's not the Beatles he's...uh...whatever it is you want to think he is. Now, tell me why I shouldn't like licorice?

Hi Ya Mike

I didn't mean to skip your resonpses smile It's funny you know how a new post can come on the board before your able to finish the one you're writing lol.....

Please,please forgive my foul mood I probably shouldn't be writing posts at times like these but I can't go out, and I can't play, And That's how I wound up watching current videos the other night, and started this whole Tick discussion LOL. I repsect the heck out of you Mike in every regard.

Nobodies the Beatles of course... And I love some of the silliest sappiest songs ever written. I'm a 70's pop music freak as well as other styles. I just always question the people who confuse the two and talk about them in the same sentence. (It makes me curious) Epecially when we start out talking about what we should do when submitting songs etc...and talking shop...
Bill Rocker was talking shop then he split for a while, he'll be back smile

I don't even do all the things I'm talking about most of the time. I write alot of really catchy, simple minded pop/rock tunes. My goal is write something that can put food on the table and cover my bills and medical costs. Big Accomplishment right? lol.. Then once I have that write and play songs mostly intrumentals and do what ever the heck i wan't musically. But I do write radio friendly songs out of love as well
I have always loved pop tunes...

Now the difference to me is my licorice pop hit gonna be as killer as lets say "Fooled Around And Fell In Love" or The time capsule hit "Still The One" by Orleans or is it gonna be like "Ticks" by Brad Paisley, Brad your the genuis guitar God player, listen to the guitar in both those pop songs then burry your head pal smile I listened to his whole CD and thought someone had the guitar tracks muted smile

If you get a chance or have time go back to that Orleans song.... Mike
I can't believe it, what an incredible arrangement..muiscally & vocally. And that intro outro is fantastic.

Love ya Mikey D smile

Peace Mike

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